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Texas Tactical

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Management Team

Tommy Taylor - President

Tommy has approximately 20 years of military and civilian law enforcement experience. From 1987 to 1991, he served in the U.S. Army assigned to the 3/504 Airborne Parachute Infantry Regiment. After leaving the armed forces in 1991, Tommy pursued a career in civilian law enforcement. He holds an Master Peace Officers license with more than 2,000 training hours. He is a TCOLE (formerly known as TCLEOSE) Firearms Instructor, TCOLE Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Less Lethal Shotgun Specialist. He has many specialty certifications to include, Motorcycle Officer, ROPES Facilitator, Rappel Master, Observer/Counter Sniper (US DOJ FBI), and Marine Safety Enforcement Officer. He is a Department of State certified Instructor for Protective Operations and Firearms.  Tommy’s involvement with S.W.A.T. began in 1992 when he co-founded the Windcrest, TX SWAT team. He retired in November 2007 from the City of Weatherford Police Department where he served as a patrol officer and team leader of the Weatherford/Parker County Special Operations Group. Tommy founded Texas Tactical in 1997 and continues to offer specialized tactical training to military and law enforcement personnel. In 2010 Tommy began working as a contractor for the Department of State where he worked in Iraq.

Gary Fitzgerald - COO/FSO
Gary has approximately 15 years of law enforcement and security experience. From 1996 to 2000 he worked in security including personal protection. In 2000 Gary pursued a career in law enforcement and currently holds a Master Peace Officer license with 5600 training hours.  Gary is a TCOLE (formerly known as TCLEOSE) Firearms Instructor, TCOLE Instructor, and School Resource Officer and is a Department of State certified Instructor for Vehicle Dynamics/Off Road Driving, Protective Operations, Defense Tactics and Firearms. Gary was assigned to the Weatherford/Parker County Special Operations group while working as a Peace Officer at Springtown Police Department. In 2006 Gary began working as a contractor for the Department of State where he worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Haiti.

Kate Taylor - CEO Kate was born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada and attended Brandon University in Manitoba earning her Bachelors Degree in Education (1996).  After graduation she went to Seoul, South Korea where she taught ESL. In 1998 Kate immigrated to Texas where she worked and studied at the University of Dallas (UD).  While at UD, Kate was instrumental in the development of the University’s Internet MBA program and growth of the distance learning department.  She earned both a Masters Certificate in Telecommunications and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas.  After graduating Kate went on to work in marketing and sales in the direct media, software, and consumer packaged goods industries.  After marrying in 2003, Kate and Tommy Taylor incorporated Texas Tactical and then Taylor Security Group in 2012.  Kate continues to run the daily operations and business development for both companies. With more than 17 years of business management and education experience, Kate is committed to excellence, the value of hard work, and doing right by others. When she’s not working Kate enjoys spending time with her children, various volunteer work, and training for her next marathon.